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RTB Bor is established the Copper Institute in early 1962. The Institute was firstly established by the existing Bureaus within the Directorate of RTB Bor. 

At the end of 1962, RTB Bor decided on establishment the Copper Institute as an independent organizational unit within RTB Bor, which includes the Chemical Laboratory.

In early 1963, the organizational structure of the Copper Institute was determined including five groups, as follows: Mining, Mineral Processing, Metallurgy, Chemical Technology, Chemical Laboratory and Common Services (Financial – Planning, Legal and Technical Library).

The Institute was first entered in the Register of Scientific Institutions of Yugoslavia in September 1963, and RTB Bor was the founder.

The Directorate for Property of the Republic of Serbia and the Institute concluded the Agreement on establishing the share of state ownership in the assets, used by the Institute, on July 11, 2007. The Republic of Serbia has taken over the founding and managing rights in proportion to the share of the state capital of 100% of the assets used by the Institute.

The Mining and Metallurgy Institute Bor was established by the Decision of the Government of the Republic of Serbia of September 13, 2007 as the research development Institute. The Institute is organized as the scientific research institution that operates in accordance with the regulations governing the legal status of public services.

The Institute was accredited. as the research development Institute in the field of technical-technological sciences – metallurgy and mining to conduct the scientific research, by the Decision of the Board for accreditation of scientific research organization of the Ministry of Science of the Republic of Serbia of October 29, 2007.

In the whole period of development, the Institute  was constantly strengthened with personnel, equipment and space, expanded the activities and since 2007 the Institute has become an organization that is fully  qualified to deal with the most completely complex researches and engineering in the field of copper industry and related raw materials and products, from geological explorations to the complete exploitation, processing and finalization into products intended for industry and domestic consumption introducing the modern systems of control, monitoring, automation and complete information system from the lowest to the highest level.

The Institute is a scientific-research organization with prevailing activity including: the applied and development research aimed at meeting the needs of direct beneficiaries, and the fundamental research as a basis for the applied and development research.

The Institute within  its activity performs the activities of development the scientific-research projects in the fields of geology, mining, metallurgy, and technology; special programs and projects of interdisciplinary character providing the technological development of scientific-research infrastructure of the interest of the Republic of Serbia, the region and local governments; research in the field of mining the deposits and processing the metallic and non-metallic minerals; research in the field of new materials, technologies, devices, equipment, environmental protection and recycling of materials.

In performing of its activity, the Institute also carries out the development of expertises and studies, pre-investment and investment studies and projects, investment programs, investment-technical documentation, elaborates and other investment documentation in the implementation of investment projects in the country and abroad in the field of geology, mining, metallurgy and technology of interest for the Republic, region and local government (innovation projects, business plans implemented by the small and medium-sized enterprises, etc.), as well as in the framework of activities in the field of environmental protection and ecology (recycling of waste and other materials).

The Institute performs the activities of laboratory testing, arbitration and verification for the needs of public services, companies, and other institutions and organizations, as well as the activities of special production, introduction the quality system, implementation the industrial informatics and information systems, scientific-informative and library-informative documentation.

The Institute carries out the activities in foreign trade turnover and services in foreign trade turnover from the scope of its activities, in accordance with the Law.

MMI is equipped with the most advanced equipment for the production and characterization of the mentioned fields for equipment and accredited laboratories and about 180 full-time employees are engaged for researchers.

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Address: Zeleni bulevar No. 35, 19210 Bor, Serbia