53rd International October Conference, October 3-5, 2022, Bor, Serbia

The 53rd International October Conference on Mining and Metallurgy is organized by the Mining and Metallurgy Institute Bor. The Conference is organized annually, aims at providing a forum for presentation and discussion of scientific research, technological development and practice on the subjects focused on geology, underground mining, surface mining, mineral processing, extractive metallurgy, metal processing, materials science, inorganic technology and chemistry, environmental protection, energy efficiency and related engineering topics. The conference managed to maintain its mass and quality this year as well. 144 participants from 10 countries were present at the conference, 30 of which were from abroad, from over 20 institutions, both scientific and research organizations, educational institutions – faculties and institutes, as well as from state and private companies. Members of the NETMIN team Prof. Dr Cornelia Muntean, Dr Daniel Krzanovic, Dr Ana Kostov and Eng Dorina Vitelar took part in the conference. The poster presentation was on October 3 at hotel Albo and October 4 at the institute. As part of the conference, a meeting was held between Bor and Romanian participants on October 4.

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