The Interreg-IPA Cross-border Cooperation Romania-Serbia Programme

About project

The main aim of the project is to establish a research-educational network for environmental protection and sustainable use of natural resources between the Politehnica University Timisoara (UPT) from Romania and Mining and Metallurgy Institute Bor (MMI Bor) from Serbia.

Programme Priority

Priority Axis 2 Environmental protection and risk management

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Specific Objective

2.1 Environmental protection and sustainable use of natural resources

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Lead partner

UPT Timisoara

Politehnica University Timisoara is established in 1920, shortly after the union of Romanian territories, in a European context marked by the redefinition of states and by the aftermath of World War I, the Polytechnic School in Timisoara – as was originally called – was the answer to one of the requirements of the Romanian society of the time, namely the formation of engineers.

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RTB Bor is established the Copper Institute in early 1962. The Institute was firstly established by the existing Bureaus within the Directorate of RTB Bor.

At the end of 1962, RTB Bor decided on establishment the Copper Institute as an independent organizational unit within RTB Bor, which includes the Chemical Laboratory.

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Project Duration

18 months

Start Date


Budget - MMI Bor, Serbia

IPA II Programme Co-Financing 85% – € 126,323.55

Contribution of MMI Bor 15% – € 22,292.40

Total Budget for MMI Bor, Serbia – € 148,615.00